Drive Train

When you are looking to upgrade your setup, there are two things you want- performance and quality. The wide range of power meters, shifting rings, cranks and direct mount rings offer this and more. Easton drive train components will take you and your cycle to the next level and then some.


Easton’s wide range of bars, available for both road and mountain setups, are designed to give you the performance you want and the fit you need. From light weight takes on the traditional look to the strongest modern composite versions the bar will steer you in the right direction on every trip.


No matter what you are looking for in your stem upgrade Easton is sure to have what you want. Whether you prefer the original, traditional look or need to increase speed, control or durability every model utilizes the latest in technology and materials to produce reliable, lightweight options.


A quality stem posts you can count on is a key component to any ride, road or mountain. From maximum strength with minimal weight to a fit for any rider Easton’s wide range of selections allow you to choose the features important to you and how you ride.